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established in 1983

Silver Creek Premium Products

Situated just outside of Vancouver, British Columbia along the Fraser River in the city of Mission, Silver Creek is a family owned and operated business established in 1983 and currently involves three generations operating all facets of the business.

Top Machinery

We hand cut everything and work hard to bring our clients the best quality possible.


Western Red Cedar Shakes and Shingles for roofing and sidewalls..

Our Quality

Our products are inspected both in-house and by a third party agency.

Cedar Quality

There’s No Comparison to Nature’s Own Craftsmanship

Rugged, timeless and beautiful, there’s simply no imitating a Western Red Cedar Roof.
An investment in a Cedar shake or shingle roof is rewarded with a lifetime of performance, protection and aesthetic charm.

Our Products

Top notch customer service with a smile

Cedar shakes

After 40 years, we have lots of experience  in providing the best hand cut shakes available on the market today.

Cedar Shingles

We’re experts in our field and custom cutting any size for our clients is our specialty.


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Satisfaction Guarantee

The Process

We start by taking the logs from the fraser river

Sorting through and picking the logs

After the boom of logs arrive, we sort through the logs and bring them over to the hoist to begin the cutting process.

Cutting the log

Next Step

The logs are cut to length.


Splitting the log

Next Step

Splitting the log into manageable blocks.

Hand cutting to size

Next Step

Every piece is graded and cut to size.

Sorting and Bundling

Next Step

Every piece is then sorted and bundled.

Banding and ready for shipment

Next Step

Ready to ship anywhere in the world.

Waste Management

Next Step

All the waste is dropped into a chipper and turned into mulch or chips for other industries. 

Cedar is one of the most environmentally friendly products in the world!

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